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Developing a Bower Package While Using It

The bower link feature makes it easy to change & test packages while using it as a dependency in other packages. If you are using Bower, you should be using this.

It helps resolve this common scenario:

  • You developed project-a and project-b.
  • project-b uses project-a via bower install project-a.
  • While working on project-b, you need to make a change in project-a.

Solution: Just tell Bower that the project-a dependency used in project-b is located in a symlink location – where you actually checked out project-a.

To do this:

  • In project-a, run bower link to create a global link for the project
  • In project-b, run bower link project-a to let Bower know that we should refer to project-a through the symlink.

That’s it. Simple & effective.